The Installer is an executable file that contains packed files and scripts to perform the Installation. It provides a classic-style Setup Wizard interface. Below is a list of the Setup Wizard pages.

Setup Wizard pages

  • Welcome
    Displays the text entered in the Description field of the Package Properties page. If Description is empty default welcome text will be displayed.
  • Select Components
    Displays components to install and their descriptions. The components corresponds to the Action items in the Package Properties page. Component displaying parameters can be set with the Action Options.
  • Installing
    Displays the actual installation progress and the install log output.
  • Setup Completed
    Shown on the Setup complete. Displays the result and the install log output.

The Installer user interface can be customized with the UI options property in the Build Dialog.

Command Line Parameters

  • /s
    Enables the silent install mode. The Setup Wizard and message boxes are not displayed.
  • /p
    Passes additional parameters to the package. These parameters can be used in the scripts via session.ExtArgs property.
Example of use

    #Run .exe package in silent mode and pass the parameters to the package script

    MySetup.exe /s /p "dir c:\\"