Action Options

Part of the Install Application and Uninstall Application action options can be set in a JSON format. Options can be edited in the Advances options Dialog. The following example shows all available Action Options with default values:

    "ignoreFailure":  false,
    "keepProcessAlive": false,
    "waitTimeout": 120,
    "uiDisabled" : false,
    "uiHidden" : false,
    "uiUnSelected" : false,


Ignore failure of the Action and coninue the Package install.

Default value: false


This option determines whether the install process will be terminated on the Action failure. By default, if Action fails the Install or Uninstall process will be terminated immediately. If value is true the install process kept alive after the package exited.

Default value: false


Defines the Wait Timeout for the Action. It specifies the timeout in minutes to wait for completion of the Installation or Uninstallation process.

Default value: 120


Defines the Action visible in the Setup Wizard. If true the action will be hidden from the User and will be installed always.

Default value: false


Defines the Action disabled state in the Setup Wizard. If true the action selection state can not be changed by the User.

Default value: false


Defines the Action initial selectied state in the Setup Wizard.

Default value: false