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Apreltech Dec 23, 2020

Is it allowed to personalizing the Web panel? (CSS, Images, etc ...)

You can customize the dashboard and login pages by editing the following files:



Is it possible to add 2FA?

2FA is not supported in the current version. In the future, we plan to add an external DB connection (SQL server), so 2FA may be implemented via custom SQL scripts (set temporary user passwords, etc).

Does Hv Manager support other languages?

Multilanguage is supported by the web framework but it requires a special build for each translation.

How to create a VM in Hv Manager?

HV Manager does not support creating VMs. You need to create a VM with other tools.

I need to transfer the license to another server. How to do it?

  1. Copy the hvm.lic file from %ProgramFiles%\HvManager folder
  2. Place hvm.lic file to %ProgramFiles%\HvManager folder on another server
  3. Run Hv Manager 3 shortcut on the Desktop.
  4. Restart instances with the following command:
                                hvm restart-instance -name xxx

Can you tell the limitations of the HV manager trial?

The 30-day trial version is full-functional and identical to the paid version. After the trial period ends you can use the Hv manager as a free product, that is limited to 5 VMs, one connected Hyper-V server, and one user (administrator).

299$ is a lifetime license or just for 1 year?

The license is a lifetime and includes access to new versions and tech support for one year. After one year You can renew support by purchasing Annual Maintenance $149.

How to configure Hv Manager for use on port 443 and bind an SSL certificate to it?

The quick guide on how to setup HTTPS in HV Manager Web Server:
Online Documentation: HTTPS

Is there any documentation on setup and setting NTLM auth?

Configuring NTLM Authentication:
Online Documentation: NTLM

Can you tell if there is any API in Hv Manager?

HV Manager API is undocumented, however, you can get info about API after purchasing a license.

Hi, I'm use windows cluster 2019 , hv manager control it's ?

Hv manager controls Hyper-V under Windows Server 2012 R2 and above (including its derivatives). If you have created a Hyper-V cluster, the hv manager will work with the cluster node. Also you can manage cluster virtual machines.

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