Silent Install Builder False Positives

Some AV programs detect Silent Install Builder as a threat.
Here we will look at the reasons for this and how you can solve the problem.

Does Silent Install Builder 6 Contain a Virus?

No. This is a bug with the anti-virus and they normally fix it pretty quickly once reported back to them.
The causes of false positives are related to the use of undocumented WinAPI and application automation methods at the Windows kernel level.
Unfortunately, someone is using these WinAPI methods in bad faith.

How Can I Help?

If you encounter a false positive problem, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the VirusTotal website, find our product using the links below or scan and mark it as safe
    (login required, you can use a Google account):
  2. MSI: SibSetupBeta.msi
    MSI VirusTotal: SibSetupBeta.msi
    Sibui.exe VirusTotal: sibui.exe
    (This file comes with the application you are automating).

  1. Write us with a required information:
    • which antivirus program gives false positives;
    • in what case;
    • antivirus version and Windows version.
  1. Report the false positive to the AV vendor.
    We cooperate with the core companies, but others, such as NOD32, steadfastly refuse to contact us.
    If you have NOD32 installed, write to them directly.
Thanks for understanding.

False AV positives with other software:

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such as WIX: WiX Toolset False Positives