FAQ Silent Install Builder

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Apreltech Dec 23, 2020

Are there any size limits for the .exe within the MSI or the MSI itself?

For Silent Install Builder v6: Max .exe installer size is 4GB for 64-bit OS and 2GB for 32-bit OS. For network deployment methods .exe or .msi file sizes are not limited because files are not packed.

How can I view an installation log?

To diagnose deployment issues use the Windows Application event log. Events IDs: 1751 - 1752 with source SIB.

How can I build Multiple unattended installations in one Package?

One package may contain multiple Installer files or scripts that will be executed sequentially. To build a package with several installers press the “Add - Installer Applications” buttons and add files one by one.

Where can I find updates to the program for the next year + do you have a newsletter that informs on version updates?

The Silent Install Builder has update notifications. Once an update is available the message on the “Packages” panel will be shown.

If there is a way to build packages bigger than 2 GB?

Max file size for MSI and NSIS installers is 2GB. To install files that are larger than 2GB do the following: In the Install app dialog select the option “External file path (UNC, http)”.

Error: MSI build does not support external paths for shortcuts. How can I solve this?

The msi build does not support shortcuts to files outside installation content. Try to find the shortcut and change the target path to the internal file (from files panel content). Or remove this shortcut.

What are the differences between adding prerequisites with a commercial installer (Install-shield or Advanced Installer) or using Silent Install Builder, what are the advantages?

The Silent Install Builder focused on creating custom packages with UI Automation. It useful if you need to deploy software that does not have ready to use a silent installer. Or if you need to customize an installation that does not support command-line options. Prerequisites can be added in the same way as do other installers.

Do you recognize most of the packages for silent installations?

The tool recognizes the most installers used by software vendors. If the installer type is not detected, you can use the UI Script recorder for creating the silent installation.

Is it possible to add the package from Silent Install Builder to msi installation?

Yes. You can do that manually with other tools or with the Silent Install Builder option “Deployment with GPO.(.msi)”.

We are working in a company with around 200 staff. May I know if the single-user license or the enterprise license is more suitable for our usage? Can the package generate by single-user license work on several computers among the company, or just working on the computer that purchased the license?

Silent Install Builder licensed on a per-user basis. "User" means an Administrator who will build packages. You need to purchase a license for each Admin who will use Silent Install Builder. Packages can be installed without restrictions.

* Can we build a pre-configured installer .MSI with no-GUI for deployment as GPO? (installed silently no-user interaction)

Yes, Silent Install Builder 6 creates a complete msi, which allows you to work without a user interface. Packages created with the Silent Install Builder are fully compatible with gpo.

If there was any way during the install actions to run a Powershell script?

You could run scripts from the CMD file. Example for Powershell script:

                        powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file "%~dp0\test.ps1
test.ps1 should be located in the same directory as the .cmd file.