Push Notifications of Site Crash

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Antony Ray June 20, 2022

We have to monitor the health of the site and web applications as they fail and do not work.

There are many options to keep track of sites, for example

  1. StatusCake
  2. freshping.
  3. Uptime Robot
but they all look complicated if you only need to get push notifications.
It should be noted that webhook notifications, messages on Twitter, Telegram, Slack and other services look tempting, but take attention and time. I would just like to receive push notifications on my phone.
A small application has been developed for easy website monitoring.

How it works
Each time interval, the application checks a website from the list. If the site does not open, it issues push notifications. Redirects 300-305 are not taken into account. After rebooting the phone, you need to restart the applications.

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Using the free app is simple
  1. Download the apk file from the link below or install the Play store
    download link: notification.apk
  2. Add url addresses to the list.
  3. Set the interval to scan ( default 60 minutes ).
  4. Click the button "Save"

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