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Alex Bav April 25, 2016

WOL is a utility that allows you remotely Waking-up network PCs. Program uses both GUI and command-line interface.

Using WOL utility
  1. Click 'Add New' to add new PC.
  2. Enter PC name or IP address.
  3. Click MAC address link to fetch MAC (target PC should be power-up and located in the same subnet).
  4. If the target PC is belonging to a different subnet, fill the Broadcast address field.

Now you can send Wake-up command to network PCs: select machines in list and then click 'WakeUp' button. Use Import and Export commands in the File menu to load or save machines list in .csv format.

Using the utility in command line mode.

Cmd line options:
wol mac-address1 mac-address2 ...
wol '*.csv file path'

wol 01234ABCDEF1 01234ABCDEF2
wol 'C:\wol.csv'

CSV file format:


Wake-On-LAN tool free download link: WolSetup.exe

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