How to execute the process under the system user account.

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Alex Bav Nov 2, 2016

In this article I describe a way to run a program as a SYSTEM user. The Local System user account is a built-in account that has full access to the computer. The SYSTEM account is more powerful than the Administrator account because have access to the NT Kernel. The name of this account is "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" (SID: S-1-5-18).

When you need to use rights of SYSTEM account? For example, to kill the process running under this account. It also can be useful for testing computer start-up scripts or if you need to figure out the behaviour of a program when it runs as a SYSTEM.

Using the Run as System tool

In most cases you just need to start the command prompt (cmd) using the Run as system tool, and then you be able to execute any other command behalf of the System user.

To open a command prompt as a system account type 'cmd' and click Run. To run the batch (.cmd) file use the following command: 'cmd /c [filepath]'.

Run as System tool free download link: RunAsSystem.exe

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